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Snap the sea, see the future What could Australia’s coast look like in the future?

South Australia - inspiring coastal adaptation stories

We are inspired by the "Beyond Today" residential development near Pt. Elliott in South Australia.

The Wright family started with the simple plan of creating a development that we would all enjoy living in.

Because he understood coastal erosion pressures in the Southern Fleurieu area, Steve Wright sold beachfront property and purchased a 90-hectare parcel of land situated on a gradual hill, well above the sea yet with views and access through a bike/walkway.

Beyond Today - open space

64 hectares has been transformed into wetlands and native forest, and 75 different bird species.

Beyond Today Wetlands

 The developers wanted to combine style and environmental substance.

"That is why we have regenerated what was once degraded farmland by planting 250,000 native trees and shrubs and implemented an extensive wetland system" said Steve Wright. 

See Green Cross Australia's interview with Steve Wright here.

Instead of simply providing the required 12% of open space, the development offers a staggering 47% of landscaped reserves, parks and wetlands in the residential component alone. With another 64 hectares of wetlands and native re-vegetation next door!

The homes are fashionable and embrace sustainable design, and yet the community is safe from future coastal risks including erosion and storm surge events.

Beyond Today - homes

To learn more about coastal challenges and opportunities in the Southern Fleureau area, you can link to the "Field and Priorities Study" from the Southern Fleurieau Action plan.

Also you can download an important study carried out by the University of Adelaide and Flinders Unversity, "The Sea Change Phenomenon in South Australia".

Researchers note:

"National studies undertaken for the National Sea Change Task Force consistently identify that the local sphere of government is under considerable pressure to adequately manage the sea change phenomena by planning strategically and sustainably to cope with the demand. Additionally local councils are grappling with planning and development issues related to projected sea-level rise and appropriate set back guidelines for local development plans (Norman, 2008)."

We are excited to learn about how the Beyond Today development combines fun and stylish coastal living with sustainability and responsible coastal development in light of future sea level rise risks.

Visit Beyond Today to learn more.