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Snap the sea, see the future What could Australia’s coast look like in the future?

About Green Cross Australia

The future is bright

Green Cross Australia empowers a resilient Australia. We educate and empower people and businesses to become more resilient to our changing climate and environmental stresses. Together with our partners, we run innovative, digital projects, which help to grow more sustainable communities. We are helping our cities and coasts to prosper by advancing food security, property resilience, and urban landscapes.

Our mantra, Think + Act + Share = Change, is key to every project we deliver. The power of these projects is motivating Australians to take practical, informed action. So we don't just focus on awareness, we encourage people to take action, and then give them the tools via social and digital media to share their actions with their friends.

We think that every Australian wants to work towards a positive future, but are turned off by the politics, the arguments, the scare tactics, or the complicated science. We don't need to be paralysed just because we are polarised about climate change.

CSIRO research shows that 88% of Australians believe that climate change is happening. While 46.5% of them believe that humans are significantly contributing to it, 42.2% believe it's just a natural fluctuation in earth's temperatures. Whatever our belief, Australians know we need to prepare for a very different 21st century.

Our projects:

Harden Up - Protecting Queensland: We help prepare people for severe weather events to protect families, properties and communities through our interactive disaster resilience portal.

ACT First: We empower Canberrans to be aware of natural disaster hazards and to create personalised preparedness plans that suit their family. home style and local circumstances.

Build it Back Green: We help disaster-affected communities build back sustainably, by providing them with tools and resources to become more resilient.

Green Lane Diary: We inspire primary school children to take every day actions to make a difference through our award winning environmental education program.

Future Sparks: We take primary school students on a journey to learn about clean energy technologies of the future and inspire them to make videos.

Extreme Weather Heroes: We work with young people to inspire a new generation of Australians to become emergency volunteers using the power of social networking.

Witness King Tides: We raise awareness about the affects of climate change on our oceans and coastal communities through a fun and meaningful community photography initiative.